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Digital Receipt Technology

At Bonnie, we've created the worlds first digital receipt technology platform that integrates seamlessly with existing POS systems. Bonnie is designed to be plug and play compatible with almost all registers. Bonnie does not require an internet connection or software integration to function and is 100% secure and easy to implement in delivering digital receipts.

Bonnie is secure

Designed to be scalable and easy to integrate in existing systems, Bonnie is used to 

Easy to use platform for consumers and retailers to transmit and receive digital receipts without privacy concerns
Using powerfull technology to bring digital receipts to all stores worldwide!
Back up of all receipts through the Bonnie App.
Never loose a receipt again.
Secure integration with existing systems. No Software integration required!

Bonnie compared to other systems

Bonnie is worlds first end to end digital receipt system. Compared to the competition,
our technology is truly unique. Check out our comparison overview

Description Bonnie Othe Systems (Klippa, Digibon.io)
Software integration in POSNot requiredRequires software integration
CostsNo Fee per transaction
Free for Consumers and retailers
Fee per transaction and
 integration in system
Internet connectionNot requiredRequired
Security and Privacy100% Secure and PrivateData is sent from store to third party
servers without permission

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